Little Dogs, Giant Hearts


Diego and Monte caught snuggling.


My two miniature Chihuahuas are the coolest dogs on the planet.  Of course they are my furkids so I’m more than biased, but even self proclaimed “little dog haters” fall victim to these little rascals charm.  My oldest, Diego, is a black and tan with hair on the longer, fluffier side.  He’s about 9 months old and weighs in at a whopping 5 pounds.  Monte, my youngest, is mainly blonde with white on his chest, legs, and feet.  His eyes and muzzle are black, and he has a coarse strip of dark blonde hair running down his spine.  Monte is about 6 months old and judging by his little pork chop thighs I’d say he’s clocking in around six pounds today.

Diego, by appearances would appear to be the tough guy right?  He struts confidently around with his chest puffed out and tail held high and proud.  But confront Mr. Cool with a larger dog, aggressive or not, and his chest instantly deflates, tail clamps firmly between legs, and he scats ass for the high ground.  Monte, my little neurotic mess, is actually the fiercest little warrior.  It does not matter if a Great Dane mad with rabies, or an over excitable Pug comes barking.  His tail stands ram rod straight, and his hair stands on end from his neck to his butt, he throws his chest out and goes charging into the fray, barking like a banshee.  When he believes he is protecting his family this little dog has unlimited courage.  Not so when a thunderstorm is raging outside but put a threat in front of me, my son, or Diego and this tiny terror rips off his shirt and goes Hulk.

Diego is my social butterfly, and very concerned with his appearance.  He believes it is not only my job to keep him looking his best but Monte’s as well.  It begins whenever lazy bones decides to get out of bed for the day, which is usually between 10:30 and 11:30.  He hunts down Monte, who has most likely been up since 7 with me, and proceeds to paw at Monte’s face until Monte heaves a great sigh and begins cleaning Diego’s face.  Monte will start with the eyes, getting out any unwanted sleepies, then moves in to tackle any plaque on Diego’s teeth.  The first time I witnessed this little ritual I had no idea what was happening as all I saw was Diego, with his mouth open as wide as it will go, and Monte diligently cleaning his molars.  Occasionally Diego will return this favor but not very often, typically leaving Monte’s dental hygiene up to me. Don’t worry, I use a special toothpaste and brush, not my tongue.

Diego loves meeting new people of any size or age, and approaches everyone as if they are long lost friends.  He bonds quickly with men and would probably trade me in without a second thought.  Monte on the other hand is immensely distrustful of strangers, and fiercely loyal to me.  The poor boy had a rough start in life, but once he entered my home he was there to stay.  It took some time but once he was secure in the knowledge that this was his forever home, he opened right up, showing off his quirky, lovable personality.

I had no intention of ever having two chihuahuas at once but I am forever happy that it ended up that way.  Their vastly different personalities and temperaments compliment each other and bring out the best in both my boys.  They have an unmistakable bond with each other and also fight like only brothers can.  Everyday is happier and brighter because these two brothers from another mother are in it.  And with a life span of up to 20 years there will be many, many crazy days ahead.Diego posingmonte riding dirty (dirty laundry that is)


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